Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…

It’s mama and my (likely N’s too!) favourite time of the year! S/S shoes…

I love this..




and this!! The little magpie is going to love this holographic one

So many choices.. not enough feet….


Flippity Flop

A flipped for the first time yesterday! Which probably explains why he was so cranky the past few days because he was trying to master this new skill. Refusing to nurse and refusing to sleep. The poor bub.

A is 3

well.. 3 and a half month actually and this was posted on my old blog which I used to write little notes to N.

How time flies and we’re back here again. Before I get started on A’s milestone, N is now 4. A precocious, sassy and slightly annoying 4 year old. A 4 year old bent on pushing boundaries and testing limits.

Dear A,

You are 3, a most adorable age. You begin to smile and have the most adorable gurgle. You love having us squish your cheeks and tummy and reward us with your giggles. You love it so much you proffer your cheeks to us whenever you hear us. Tres adorable!

You can lift your head up now, in fact you’ve done it a couple of times. You show signs of beginning to flip by lifting up your bum and angling sideways. Oh dear, should mama begin to worry?

You’ve developed a schedule of some sort and are a stickler for routine. Your grandparents joke that you have an internal alarm clock, not just a clock mind you. An alarm clock that goes off once it’s sleepy or feeding time.

You’re a feisty fella and that’s about where the similarity ends with you and your sister. You two are as different as night and day. You drool a lot, she hardly. You get bored, while she was contented to be on her own. You feed on schedule, she wants to suckle all day. Nonetheless, your sister adores you and mama hope you two will always be best friends.

No signs of teeth yet, but lots of drooling for sure. We shall see.



Mama updates.

Mama will be back to work soon, bummer. But truth be told I’m more than ready! Time to move the rusty brains. Mama is back to pre-A weight, hooray! but still a bit away from pre-N. Let’s hope I can squeeze in bits of exercise during lunch when I get back to work.

And we did it..

We are back to where it all started. I spent the whole day trying to get into the queue for exporting posts to no avail and was resigned to trying it again at 3 am when I’m up with A. By fluke, I reopened my browser just as the server was rebooted and finally squeezed myself in! You have no idea how relieved and how happy I am! To the anonymous person who did this, you are a genius and thank you for taking the time to do this!

As I was deciding where to backup my posts I chanced upon the old entries I wrote on my previous blog before we moved to Dayre, of N’s milestones and my musings. It brought back many lovely memories and without character length constraints my posts took on a different tone. Better constructed and less haphazard and choppy. I actually prefer that. I am after-all a very long-winded person at heart. I’m sure my husband and children will bear testament to that.I’m going to take some time to housekeep my Dayre entries and hopefully have them sorted out before my maternity leave ends in a few weeks.

Lunar New Year 2018

Happy Lunar New Year from my Munchkins!

We are home! Just in time for lunch! Oh what fun we had! The 2nd day of lunar new year is when the festivities really start for us. The celebrations in Jakarta are usually quite subdued. I ate so much I felt like I was going to burst! We love you gong gong!

N was super happy because there were so many pple for her to pai nian with! Her latest hobby! She makes us sit down while she recites a whole long line of auspicious new year greetings to us. Her crazy aunt, uncle and daddy have also been indulging her inner “showgirl”

Her latest obsession Jessie J.. oh you should see her strut it. I don’t know to laugh or cringe at her antics. Oh dear.

California Dreaming

2 more weeks to the close of Dayre.. sigh. I’m just going dump all our cali pics here while I can. It was an amazing trip and N was a champ. It was tiring at times because didi was so heavy, but glad to have spent time with family and showed N all the sights. She loves it and keeps telling jiujiu tt she wants to go back with him and aunty D.

N trying on ski goggles… she looks like some giant fly! but so cute la.

There’s a story behind this. When we got into the near empty Oakley store, N wanted to follow my parents instead and shouted after them before the H made her follow him in. This was a near empty store with only one other customer.

For the entire time that we were in the store, the man whom I assume was the store manager was bitching about us with his staff and no one, absolutely no one made any efforts to serve us

The bitching went along the lines of

👨🏻I would have punished the child, put her in time out. Children should be disciplined..if it were my child, blah blah blah

yada yada yada and for the whole time they just bitched about our parenting. Well firstly, I’m sure he wasn’t a parent. Come on, she didn’t even make a scene. Only shouted out to my parents outside the door that we are inside. Secondly, who died and made you parenting guru?

Was quite pissed with Judgey McJudgey and wanted to get the H to leave. No way I’m was going to contribute to his sales number, I’d rather go to another Oakley store if I have too. I didn’t tell the H about all the snide remarks and comments until we were leaving, because as expected.. he was livid! He almost went up to the guy to give him a piece of his mind .. erm but you have a 3 year old, a pregnant wife in tow hor.

Yummy Nitrogen Ice Cream on Valencia.

Yet another quaint chocolate store with the best chocolate brownies. Sorry, preggy brains has failed me and I can’t recall the name of the places offhand

Ah you see,post-preggy brains failed me again. The best brownies were from Bouchon! These were a close 2nd

Sweaty and hot baby after fruit picking.

OMG! It was sooooo hot! I didn’t last 20 mins, didi would have been baked for real and no amount of sunblock, hats, uv jackets could cut the california sun rays. So I walked N back to the stand to cool off.

Our precious picks. These took front seat in the car to ensure they make it safely home.

Beautiful grapes on vine in Napa

The lovely view from the vineyard we were at.

The closest thing to bak chor mee in SF.
Crazy huge portions Hai Ky Mi Gia. Owners speak teochew! The aunties kept trying to speak teochew to N and N kept replying in Mandarine

More food at the Ferry Terminal Farmer’s Market, every Tues and Thurs

Cold cuts cone.

The weather yoyo-ed between super duper scorching hot today and so cold I need to bundle N up in lots of layers tomorrow. This was taken while we were on our way to Limon for some yummy Peruvian food. Was so chilly N had to put her hood up! in Summer!

Probably N’s favourite part of the trip, meeting Elsa!

Got to love it at Disney, but please lets not do this in summer again. It’s too hot!

Thank goodness for gugu, nainai and gugu’s friend.

Only manage to spend a couple of days with gugu and nainai but thank goodness for all the extra help! Everyone took turns to run for fast passes and go on rides with N. They could only go on the scary rides when N was napping because N has a serious case of FOMO!

Dad made us eat at Tony Roma’s for old time’s sake.. Was grumbling to the H about having to walk so far to Tony Roma’s when the H said.. Dad must be reminiscing.

True enough, the moment we sat down

👴🏻 N, you know when your mummy and jiujiu first came to Disneyland when they were small.. gong gong brought them to Tony Roma’s too


Took N to our happy place! Carmel-by-the-sea.

It was crazy cold the first night! Despite bundling N up with heat-tech and a puffer she still complained about being cold! and I totally regret suggesting to walk to dinner because street parking is sometimes difficult. The airbnb we booked was uphills and it was so dark when we got back. The lodge was really nice but aiyoh can we just stay closer to town next time.

Dinner was at Little Napoli as usual. Standards have declined 😞

On our morning walk the next day.

Lobos Point

Whale watching in the distance



At a Honey Shop in Monterey. They had the most interesting honeys. Poison Oak honey? I didnt try but N did buy a bunch of honey sticks for on the road.

Loved the decor though. House goals! Love the laid back, airy vibes

Our new found favourite in Carmel, La Bicyclette! Directly across Little Napoli! How come we never noticed it before?

Guess what the imp is doing?

Pretending to be a whale and making whale songs 😓

Terrible outfit she was in. Insisted on wearing her white dress to dinner. Missy likes dressing up! It was so cold, so we made her layer a long sleeve inside and she picked a neon pink top

This Nectarine and Burrata salad was 😍

N’s yummy mushroom pizza

Something something steak with something something fries 😂

This was good too. The H missed a huge chunk of dinner because he was at the beach to get pictures of sunset. He hasn’t been lucky with that. Last trip, he missed sunset because he was parking. This trip it was too foggy. Next trip then 😂

Crazy big coffee bowl size chocolate mousse that we 3 shared.

My favourite aquarium. Monterey Bay Aquarium! Look at the Kelp!

That’s an abalone.. not the same one tt we’ll have tonight 😬

Yummy Tofu at Tofu House! Finally Asian food!

so happy to have galbi!

chasing ants at jiujiu’s house while they went for their Lazy Bear dinner

Homebody and I did 3 loads of laundry, cooked dinner, finished all our holiday homework before they were back. Thank goodness for N who helped me bring the laundry up and downstairs. She had a hard time letting go so gramps, papa, jiujiu, aunty D and Uncle M had to sneak out in batches..
She only realised something was amiss at 9pm when no one came home 😖

At the Botanic Gardens. So cold that day, should have gone shopping and went to the garden the day before. It was so warm the day before. Gah Bay Area weather.

Tea time at the De Young Museum to get away from the wind

We were all super stuffed and super tired but apparently the H still had room to satisfy his in-and-out cravings. He had a whole burger and animal fries on his own on the drive back. My dad fed him as he drove 😂

Gong gong’s dream.. take N to see the red woods some day

The H and dad’s favourite Poke Bowl! They had it 2 days in a row!! And had the audacity to poke fun at my love for Chipotle. I love Chipotle and everytime we passed a Chipotle they’ll go..”there! your favourite, want to eat?”

Chipotle is nice what! N’s favourite is Applebee’s even worse ok! Thank goodness no Applebee’s near where we were otherwise we’ll end up at Applebee’s everyday!

I love our weekend brunches! But seriously their portions can feed 3 of me!

Brunch at Finch and Fork in Santa Barbara.. Love the decor

Yummy Ahi Salad. My H only had salad for lunch! Can you imagine, never in a million years would I have thought he’d just have salad for brunch but he did and loved it. He said he’d been eating too much. You don’t say!

N’s breakfast plate

This trip was really all eat eat eat.. we spent 1 entire day in Napa covering food and had so many good meals. We had a huge yakitoro dinner on our last night with friends, celebrated my bday 4 months early with pho too! Joke was Mom, dad and the H each bought me smthing as my early birthday gift that day so when we had dinner tt night I said dinner’s on me and we’re celebrating my birthday since everyone bought me a present tt day.

Sadly I think we won’t be heading to Cali in the next few years. I can’t imagine travelling with 3 kids (the H is a liability on long-haul). I’d definitely miss the food, the places we can take the kids and the lifestyle but until A is a bit older, its going to be tough.

Old and Comfy

Our Valentine’s coffee date while the kids were taking their afternoon nap.

The plan for lunch was to go try out a sushi joint which I’ve been planing to go with the H, but N wanted shabu-shabu and insisted on it so we scrapped our plans again. Sigh Parents. So off we went on a shabu-shabu family valentine’s date.

Came home, put the kids down for their nap and we sneaked out for a little impromtu date.

The night before the husband asked his brother to take N out, while he took A and sent me off for a nice massage.

Awwww, the little things he does. He even sent me happy pics of A to so that I wouldn’t worry although A was being whiny. The husband is not gd with gifts and big gestures but this is enough, I guess. Haha. And I in turn ordered delivery of his favourite Udang Tauco for dinner. A whole portion just for him. Is this what familiarity does to couples? No need for grand gestures anymore. That being said if he wants to, I’m not one to say no to gifts.